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your climb starts here.



Money Mindset & Relationships

Overcome mental blocks around money, marriage, and mindset

Get Tax Smart

Utilize our tax planning strategies to keep more money

Vision Boards & Goals 

We create a digital vision board to help you reach your goals

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Video Tutorials

Video guides for you to improve your strategy and plans

Guides and Checklist

Make better financial decisions with our guides and checklist

Investment Planning

Tailored investor profiles and strategies for your portfolio

Get answers for the next step on your financial journey.  



Freedom can come before or during retirement.

Roland McIntyre, CFP® and Air Force Veteran

Roland McIntyre, CFP® and Air Force Veteran

Remember, the American dream isn’t just a distant horizon; it’s a journey with many paths.

I will be your guide.

“As a CFP (CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™) professional, you may think I will just tell you how to invest your money. In reality, we work together, to design a pathway to reach the things you truly value.”



We utilize military values that support your mission to achieve financial freedom.


You do what’s right for people and you expect transparency and honesty. 

We are a fiduciary investment advisory firm that does what’s right even when no one is looking. 


Are you looking for someone who respects your time and money?

We put our client’s interest above our own. Plus, we are committed to providing great customer service and community service. 


As a trailblazer, your talents and skills are excellent.

We are a firm that provides high-quality solutions with technology to improve your financial freedom. 

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